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Here is the honest truth. I wasn't sure if I should start gift guides this week. I had penciled them in a while ago, but when I was looked at my schedule last week I thought, "No way! The holidays are so far away." But then my dad sent me pictures of our house covered in snow…So, here come the gift guides. If it's too early for you, you can just ignore them. I've added a new tab on the upper right side of the blog where you will be able to access all of the gift guides as I add them.

First up, the kiddos. Because let's be honest, they never think it's too early to start holiday shopping. They whole-heartedly believe in the magic of the holidays and they are happy with the simplest gifts. Most kids are just as excited for a pack of tattoos or some bath crayons as they are for a new bike (or the box that the bike came in). Kids gifts are so adorable this guide go on and on. If you scroll below you will see even more suggestions. If you don't know about it already, the MoMA Store has the most beautiful collection of unique and innovative toys. It could easily be your one stop shopping destination for the kids in your life. 


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