Project Pom-Pom // an apartment 8 update

You guys may have already seen this photo on Instagram, but I wanted to fill you in on my next DIY project. I haven't completed it yet (things have been really busy at work) but I'll show you the plan here because the process is pretty straight forward.

When we moved into this apartment, we were basically starting from scratch. As long-time readers know, our old apartment was furnished and so the move meant brand new everything. However, brand new everything can be a small fortune, so we got creative. We were able to snag some amazing pieces, including these gorgeous chairs, from the Housing Works Design on a Dime event. (The best part was we got them after the event so they were even less). The chairs have orange piping and blue legs and they happen to look amazing with these ikat pillows that we already had from Furbish Studio

So, it was a bit of a happy accident, but in the end blue and orange emerged as the color scheme for our living room. When I was buying curtains for our apartment, I picked this gorgeous fabric from Marimekko. I had them sewn into curtains at our local dry cleaner, but when we got them in the room they just didn't feel right. It was way too much blue, so I moved them into our bedroom.

happily in our bedroom
I did a bit more thinking and decided to go with something neutral. We hadn't bought pillows yet, so I didn't want to commit to a pattern for curtains. (This my friends, is why piecing together a room is often harder than starting with a cohesive design scheme. And, why I recommend a scheme to clients). 

But the cobblers children have no shoes. 

Lucky for me, Pottery Barn had some beautiful linen curtains (on sale!) that looked perfect with the fabric on the chair. I just have to say the people over at PB could not have been nicer. The color I wanted was almost sold out, but they tracked two panels down for me and they look amazing in person. They are heavy and hang beautifully. 

But, of course, that wasn't quite enough. 

I have always admired curtains with decorative pom-pom trim. Because, you know, that is a totally normal thing to be obsessed with. So, a few weeks ago I went to M&J Trimming and got lucky. I wanted something a bit more substantial than a plain pom-pom, and I ended up finding a trimg that matched perfectly with my vision. I got a sample and took it home to test it out in the room (a must!).

don't mind the cord mess
a bit closer up

Thankfully it was perfect and reasonably priced (some trims were upwards of $50 a yard). My goal is to get it sewn on this week. Honestly, trim is a great way to dress up plain and inexpensive curtains. M&J Trimming has a wide range of trims at a variety of price points. You could also look at any of your local sewing stores for something similar. My mom says* that if you use a running stitch, you can add the trim in a way that won't damage the curtains if you decide to take it off later. I wouldn't know because I am not a seamstress (yet) but this seems like a good tip. 

Do you have any DIY projects in the works?


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*Because moms know everything.