to lob or not to lob

Over the last five years or so, I have taken a picture of Tory Burch to two different hairdressers. 

"I want this," I say. 

They have both refused. 

My favorite hairdresser (my childhood friend) didn't want to be responsible if I hated it (totally fair). The random girl at Bumble and Bumble, who filled in for me between trips home, felt the same. 

"If you still want it next week come back," she said.

Obviously I didn't go back. So maybe she had a point. 

But, the lob haircut (long + bob) has been on my mind lately. In fact, over the weekend I pulled several pictures to post this week. Then Monday night I saw this.

Lauren Conrad, who I don't particularly follow, chopped off all of her locks. 

And she looks amazing. 

So of course, now I'm really craving a change. If you're curious, here are the original photos I had pulled. 

Mike, of course, strongly opposes this possibility. 

In some ways, I think lopping it all off (get it?) is asking for trouble. I love my hair now, and it's really easy to care for and style. Ironically, a shorter cut seems to demand more styling attention. I have done the dramatic cut a few times in my life. Each time it has been pretty impulsive and I regretted it after. On the other hand, the lob is super chic. I haven't had short hair since my sophomore year of college and I'm craving a change. Plus, I might be able to donate it if I find a color friendly program. On the other, other the lob just a trend? Bound to be The Rachel of 2014? I wouldn't want to chop it all off for that…

Not to be queen obvious, but I wish there was a way to try it out before committing.

What do you think? 

Have you done a dramatic cut before? 

Did you regret it? 

Tell me everything.


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