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When I worked at J.Crew they had a rule I will never forget. We always had to wear at least three layers. Three! This might seem excessive but as a layer-a-holic it was heaven. Fall actually might be my favorite season just because of it's potential for layering. And what's layering without a good vest? It goes everywhere. College football? Check. Tailgates? Check. October baseball? Check. Early morning dog walks? Check. The vest does it all. Plus, they're a lot less expensive than their sleeved cousins, and if you're petite you can usually get away with wearing one from the boys' department. 

Which one would you choose? 

I'm particularly partial to the pumpkin color of this one from L.L. Bean. I wear a lot of navy so orange would be a fun contrast. I also like the shininess of this J.Crew number (although this Old Navy version looks a lot like it, and is a total steal).