the beauty of the bachelor pad

bachelor pad, Home designed by Nathan Turner for the Modern Family Star, Eric Stonestreet

Have you guys seen this month's House Beautiful

It is so, so good. So good in fact that I have every intention of reposting two of the homes featured this month. 

First up? This bachelor pad designed by Nathan Turner for the Modern Family Star, Eric Stonestreet.

I'm not sure if you know this, but I have a secret obsession with designing homes for men. I took an interior design class last fall and for our final project we designed a one-bedroom apartment for a pretend client. Of course, I chose a bachelor. (Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can see that entire project here). I just loved working with the leathers, suiting fabric and industrial materials that tend to feel more at home in a man's space. Don't get me wrong, I love a feminine room. But as someone whose apartment can also function as a sports bar, I appreciate the fact that a room designed for football watching can also be beautiful. 

bachelor pad

pendelton blankets, bachelor pad

The crisp white of the fireplace pops against the dark wood and bricks. The oversize lanterns are super chic. I have some from Target that I love. The Pendelton blankets remind me of my grandparents.

bachelor pad, football viewing room

A room designed for sports viewing. Proof that pretty handsome can also be practical. 

outdoor grill, bachelor pad
bachelor pad, guest room,

This is one of those outdoor grills that makes me sad we live in a city, and a gorgeous bedroom with a custom headboard and Serena and Lily bedding


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