Feathers As Flowers // and another friends and family

decorating with ostrich flowers, jonathan adler decorating with white ostrich flowers
Not to brag (but to totally brag) I was down at Jonathan Adler's headquarters a few weeks ago and saw the best idea. 

In his showroom, JA's gorgeous white pottery is filled with giant, fluffy feathers. Like flowers, they add beautiful texture to a room (but unlike flowers they are one-time investment). Don't get me wrong, I'm all for fresh blooms (I am the granddaughter of a florist after all). But if you have a spot in your house (like on top of a bar or console) where you don't want an empty vase, this would be a great way to keep things looking styled.

If you're interested, you can get the feathers here. 

By the way, Jonathan Adler is having their Friends and Family Sale right now (tis the season right?).

Get 20% off site wide through Monday. 


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