Melanie Turner Interior Design

Happy Tuesday my friends! I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. 

Here's a little eye candy from Melanie Turner Interiors to get your week started.

I stumbled upon Melanie's work on Pinterest (of course) and was instantly smitten with her bold use of colors and patterns. The mix of the chairs + the curtains + the walls + the ottomans in this top photo really stole my heart.

Normally paneled wood walls would send me running and screaming in the other direction, but here they are perfection. 

More of my favorite room. I would really like to attempt some sort of grasscloth wallpaper in our living room. However, we have old walls and wallpapering a huge room in a rental is kind of like putting all of your money in a pile and lighting it on fire. I'm considering trying these speciality Ralph Lauren paints that can give you a similar effect.

There is something so charming about wood in walls isn't there?

The more I look at this room, the more I love it. Let's play I Spy with all of the great details Melanie uses here.

1. Hedwig and his brother in the fireplace.
2. The turtle shell above the fireplace.
3. My favorite library lamps flanking the couch. (here is a great inexpensive version).

Melanie Turner Interior Design

Melanie Turner Interior Design

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