A quick tip about light blubs

A few months ago, I bought new lamps for our end tables. However, I was extremely disappointed to discover that when I put in our light bulbs, the shades took on a weird yellowish hue. 

And this slowly ate away at my soul. 

Like any normal person.

Yesterday however, I'd had enough. I headed to Gracious Home and was thrilled to find the simplest solution! GE Daylight light bulbs. According to the sales person at Gracious Home, they glow with a "bluer" light. I was delighted to see the results for myself...

GE Daylight Light Bulb

Normal Light Bulb

Do you see the difference? It's really noticeable in person. Everything in the room seems to maintain it's "true" color as opposed to looking a little yellow. 

Hopefully this helps those of you suffering from light bulb depression.


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