pop-up shop alert! beautiful original art

Raise your hand if you've ever slapped a poster on your wall and called it art. 

We've all been there. And listen, I'm not a purist. I think if you love Rothko and are short a few million, you should go ahead and buy the print. But, it's also nice to branch out and start collecting some original works. I'm not saying you have to go to a gallery and spend a fortune, and I get that buying art can be kind of intimidating, but there are tons of amazing artists out there selling really unique, beautiful and accessible pieces. 

Want some suggestions? 

How about this, Furbish is hosting a pop-up shop today for the very talented Paul Ferney. I'm obsessed with how his beach scenes look simultaneously realistic and abstract. (See, I'm not an art expert. That's the best way I can explain it). And the unexpected pops of color sprinkled across the canvas remind you that this is truly an original work. I say they're perfect for anywhere.

The sale starts at 11am EST. Your walls will thank you.


(Fun fact, Paul is also the the husband of the equally talented Jordan of Oh Happy Day)
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