apartment 8 design update // the gallery wall

Don't worry. I didn't forget about updating you on our apartment progress. 

It's just going…slowly.

I mean, everything feels slow after the initial move in right? 

We have definitely made progress, but we have also had a few hilarious missteps. Like, at some points it has been one step forward, and two steps back. In the last few weeks we have had one cracked dining room table, two broken lamps, and two curtains that were ordered but then completely out of stock. So right now we have curtain rods (but no curtains), two new lamps on the way and after a little DIY session on the floor Sunday, we finally have our dining room table.

Right now, the biggest thing we need to address in the living room is the space above the couch. Our sofa is nine feet long, and the ceilings are ten feet tall. So, we have a giant space we need to fill. Here is a picture of what it looked like when we moved in.
As you can see, it's a big blank canvas. 

For a while we thought we would go for something huge like this…
or this…
Miles Redd
...but we couldn't find anything we loved that wasn't a gajillion dollars. 

Luckily! I'm a big hoarder collector of random art so we decided to go with another gallery wall. The one in the hallway is far enough away that I don't think it's going to be too much of a good thing. 

When I thought gallery, I knew we could go a couple of different directions. At first I was thinking, all matching frames in a grid to create a sense of order.
Ashley Whittaker Design
But honestly, I was only feeling so-so about it. 

Then I saw this image on Mackenzie's blog and though BINGO! 
color + different medias + mismatched frames + art to the ceiling

It just speak to me. That is exactly what I want. (Of course it's no surprise that it's from the Serena & Lily store in San Francisco….love that brand). 

Because we have gigantic ceilings, I especially liked that the art went all the way up the wall. Here is another great example of putting frames all the way up your wall to maximize the space. 
I also enjoy this situation. Although I like color way too much to execute it fully in my own home.
The trick to making this look work is keeping it genuine. The art has to look good together, but it also has to paint a picture of your personality (pardon the pun). I want to assemble something that feels true to us, but I also don't want it to take five years to put together. So, this weekend I stopped by a flea market in Connecticut and started collecting a few small paintings. 

I also asked my parents to send a few things from Michigan, so we're off to a good start. 

And of course, I have my eye on a few other pieces online. Some of my go-to places for art are 20x200, The Tappan Collective, Minted, One Kings LaneYellow KornerSociety 6 and of course Etsy

I would love to hear of Etsy vendors or other artists you love!