painted dressers

It's time for an apartment update. As I have said 1,000 times, when we moved we were basically starting from scratch with furniture. We needed a dresser for our bedroom, but it wasn't somewhere I wanted to blow the budget. 

I absolutely love the style of campaign dressers (so named because they were originally used by the army and designed to be easily packed and unpacked during war). I looked at some online, but due to their popularity right now even the more beat up versions were pretty expensive. For a while I considered tackling this Ikea hack, but decided that for the money it would cost to buy all of the hardware and paint it probably just made sense to purchase an older, higher quality piece. I ended up finding this dresser at my beloved Housing Works, and it was an absolute steal. 

It is really old, but it is in great shape and was the perfect size for our room. 

So now we are going to freshen it up with a little paint and some new hardware. (The drawer pulls aren't missing, I just unscrewed one to measure). Originally I wanted to paint it bright green (like the first photo)....then I went through a few days where I thought blue was the ticket. Right now however (since there is so much to still be decided about the room) I am completely open minded. 

Here is a little bit of our inspiration.

I love the gray in the photo below (and think it would look great with gold hardware). And if we didn't already have a pink rug, I would consider doing something like this...

Below left, the red really pops (while that green and white zig-zag adds a touch of whimsy). Where as in the photo on the right, the blue nightstands blend in with the rest of the room giving it a cohesive look.

There is also the possibility of just painting it a white...(more campaign styles...I can't help it!)

This style is a bit more like ours. Like I said, I would add more modern hardware to keep it from looking too old fashioned and feminine.

So what's your vote? Bold color? Safe white? Just keep staring at it and hope it paints itself? 

And how does one go about painting furniture in an apartment anyway? 


{photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}