Father's Day is next Sunday and your dad deserves this best. As I put this guide together, I realized it featured all of my favorite companies (Ledbury, The Mitten State, Shinola, Kaufmann Mercantile) and for a good reason. These products are all unique, well made and in many cases made in the United States. When I think about my dad and the kinds of things he buys, I think of those qualities. So, without further ado, some gifts for the first man in your life. 

From brother, to husband, to dad, my family is obsessed with Ledbury's beautifully made shirts. I've written about them before here, and I truly stand by this endorsement. Their products are fabulous and their customer service is really top-notch. 

Kaufmann Mercantile is my go-to for men's goods. Of course I have written about them here too. Their products are classic, while still being fun and interesting. Their aesthetic is really clearly defined and when you go to the website you know you are getting only the best. They are such a cool brand, I think they would be an absolute dream company to work for. Here we have their shaving set, folding knife and BBQ spices, but I would honestly endorse anything they sell. 

If have read this for any amount of time, you know how much I love The Mitten State. If your dad has spent any amount of time in Michigan he will love their great vintage style t-shirts

And last but not least, Shinola. They are doing some amazing things over at that company including bringing a lot of new jobs to Detroit and other parts of the US. I love their watches and I think they are both well-made and classic. I also love that they aren't quite as expensive as many luxury watches. Definitely a gift your dad deserves.