interior inspiration // striped walls

Our new apartment isn't that much bigger than our old apartment, but it has one feature that makes it feel much larger...a long hallway right when you walk in. You see, our old apartment opened right into the living room. There was no real "entry" to speak of, so you opened the door and you were basically on the couch.

However, in this apartment we have a real-live (albeit mini) foyer complete with a large closet (the fact that I have already co-opted this closet as my own is neither here nor there).

So how to decorate said foyer/hallway?

Mike and I have discussed, and we both strongly favor a striped situation. Here are some of the inspiration photos we I have been browsing.

Because Mike has a very large collection of golfing photos, we have decided to make one of the walls a gallery wall with a golf "theme." I'm not a big "theme" person, but a gallery wall does need similar qualities to pull it together. Most of the pictures have blue and green tones (obviously) and he has them in beautiful dark wood frames. So, in this case I think it works. 

Here is some more of our inspiration.

And finally, what we are working with…

Mike favors "wide and vertical" stripes. I also favor vertical, but I tend to like something more narrow. However, in this long of a hall that could be dizzying. We could add a chair rail to break it up, but I'm not sure how the new landlord would feel about that (I haven't decided whether this is an ask for permission or beg for forgiveness situation, so I am going to abstain from any major renovations like new molding for a while). 

So, wideish and vertical it may be. I have a color in mind, and I'm really looking forward to getting started. 

Have any of you painted stripes before? Any advice?


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