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Good morning! I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day. 

This weekend always marks the end of the school year (just a few weeks away) and the beginning of graduation season. In Michigan, where I grew up, graduations are a big deal. Everyone has open houses which means hundreds of people stopping by for a BBQ, perusing all of your old pictures, and giving you advice about college. It's a lot of fun and I have been surprised as I've moved around the country to see that these aren't as popular other places….I mean graduation seems like a more worthy accomplishment to celebrate than these over-the-top sweet sixteen parties that are thrown nowadays. 


Anyway, if you need some gift ideas for the high school graduates, I spent the weekend consulting with my college-age sister-in-law and we came up with a list of gifts that she promises kids will actually use.

This Vera Bradley duffel is the real deal. Light weight, huge and incredibly popular among the college set…perfect for carrying laundry back and forth on vacations. For day-to-day use, this Longchamp bag was like the uniform at Michigan (leggings, Uggs, Longchamp, side pony….I'm not saying I support all of it). The bag however, is slightly more sophisticated than a backpack and also extremely durable. 

When I was in college everyone carried those little wristlet bags, but you don't even need those anymore with the help of iPhone cases that double as card carriers (here and here). Portable speakers, an extra charger, headphones and a cute USB drive will also get their fair share of use. 

Communal showers…one thing nobody misses about college. Help a girl out with a cute towel wrap (or buy a white one and have it monogrammed in their school colors) and a fun pair of flip-flops. Speaking of dorms, they aren't the easiest places to sleep. An eye mask and ear plugs will certainly be put to good use at some point. This kit has all that plus a dozen other items a college kid may need. 

campus essentials
A monogrammed water bottle (I swear by this) will help keep them from losing it. It's weird to think about, but this is probably the first time they have ever needed their own umbrella. Finally, it is college so something school related might be smart. This Lilly Pulitzer planner (coming back soon for school year orders) is cute and functional. 

Congrats to all the grads this year!