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Tradition dictates that on your first anniversary you should give your spouse a gift made of paper. (On the second year you give cotton. The third year is leather, etc. You can see the full list here). Until recently, I was oblivious to this tradition. However, now that we are approaching our first anniversary, I'm all in. It seems like the kind of creative challenge that made me excited for theme parties in college.

For those of you celebrating your first anniversary this year, some ideas…

I'm a huge art person, so I think it's an appropriate gift for any occasion. This is probably something you would want to buy together (unless you know they want something) but that's even more fun because it makes buying the art an event in itself. As you know I adore Gray Malin and Ashley LongshorePick anything that you two love and you're good to go. You'll love looking at it and it will remind you of your anniversary.
It's a little bit of a stretch for the "paper" category, but we received a beautiful decoupaged tray of our wedding invitation from Marye Kelley and I absolutely love it. This would be a super sweet gift on an anniversary. You could do your wedding invitation, something from your honeymoon or anything you did in the first year of marriage.

Perfect for the gentlemen. No matter how reluctant he may be to admit it, any guy would be happy to have monogrammed napkins or coasters when they're entertaining friends. 

If you don't want to go the custom route, these cheeky coasters are just as fun.

Not technically paper, but a passport cover and tickets for a vacation are a great gift. And it doesn't have to be a surprise…plan in together! Vacation too much? How about tickets to a concert or a show? 

Monograms (while delightful) are also predictable. Mark their stationary with a custom portrait instead.

coffee table books
Always a good idea. You can never have too many and you can find them for any interest.

This whimsical map comes with pins. Place them where you've been and where you want to go.