the quick & easy cure for a bad hair day

Sometimes I curl my hair. Sometimes I blow it out (using Joanna's step-by-step guide). And most nights sometimes I just shower, go to bed with wet hair and hope for the best. When that backfires, this pony tail is my go-to solution. 

To start, I use one heavy duty hair tie on top to really secure the pony. Then, I put a mini band every 2-3 inches until I reach the bottom. 

And, um. That's it.

If you have shorter hair I recommend putting them closer together, but you can play with the spacing. This whole look would be even cuter with Emi-Jay's new skinny hair ties. And I'm not afraid to admit that it would also be adorable on say, your six-year-old daughter/niece/cousin. But a good hairstyle is a good hairstyle no matter what your age (except maybe pigtails). I also use this to keep my hair out of the in my SLT classes and it's a guaranteed snarl-preventer on windy days.

What's your bad hair day solution? I would love to hear your suggestions!

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