monday motivation brain dumps

Have you guys heard of a "brain dump"?

The idea is that each day you write down everything you have to do, or are worrying about. That's it! Then your mind is free to relax, sleep and do things other than worry.

 So last week, I started doing "brain dumps." 

I wrote down everything I had to do at night, and added to the list throughout the day. Then, to take things a step further I would break them up by category. For example… 

1. To-do today
2. To-do this weekend
3. To-do next week
4. Blog work
5. Design work
6. Future blog ideas
7. Housework 
8. Bills

It helped me prioritize and prevent things from slipping through the cracks. It also puts things in perspective…even though my to-do list keeps growing, I am getting a lot done.

Have you ever tried this? Am I late to the trend?

I highly recommend it if you're feeling overwhelmed (and aren't we all at some point?).