Life lately & Link Love


This week officially sealed my hatred for winter. In an act of rebellion my Instagram feed has become a skittle rainbow of bright colors designed to lure spring out of hiding. So far spring is slow to warm. (Get it?)

What are your plans for this weekend? 

We are celebrating Mike's birthday which means lots of delicious dinners and boy-time. I bought myself this Malibu barbie dress (above) to wear to dinner on Saturday. It's girly enough to make up for the fact that I will in fact be the only female in the group. #LadyHef

In the meantime, here are some links for your perusal.

A two minute video that will warm your heart.

We don't usually have snacks in our house, but around 10pm every evening we wish we did. So, I signed up for Nature Box, which delivers healthy snacks to you on a monthly basis. So far so good, I add the granola to my oatmeal, snack on the apple rings as "dessert" and the sweet potato fry sticks are pretty delicious. Use this referral link to save ten dollars off your first box.

Bailey McCarthy did it again. Her Project Holly reveal was all we could hope for and more.

Yesterday's post featured the Mighty Purse, and while I was mighty busy and didn't have time to write copy, I have to endorse this little bag. It charges your purse while you're out. Throw it in your day-bag and you'll never get the dreaded 10% panic again.

I bought these sunglasses this week in a feeble attempt to will spring upon us.

Every time I look in the mirror my eyeliner is about an inch below where it's supposed to be. And while that gives me a mysterious look of sadness, it's really not necessary. I'm not sad. So, this week I asked the beauty experts of Twitter for their favorite eyeliners. Here were their recommendations…

What eyeliner do you love?

Have an amazing weekend!