Isabel Marant Basley Bootie Look-A-Like

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I'm not afraid to admit that I can be a bit of a slave to trends. However, as I discussed yesterday, you can usually achieve a trend's look without having to pay full price. 

So, when I stumbled upon these Isabel Marant Basley booties (or Beslay depending on which website you're reading) of course I wanted them. But at over $600 a pop, I couldn't justify it. I'm all for splurging on an investment pump if it's within your means, but a concealed-wedge-suede-tasseled-bootie? Might be a good way for some people to splurge, but it's not for me. 

If you recall last week I spotted these similar booties at Nordstrom so I decided to dust off my old shoe-DIY skills at attempt this hack. 

To start you will need a pair of suede booties (I used these, but I have included more options at the end of the post), some suede cording (I got mine at M&J Trimming), pliers, scissors and small metal jewelry clasps. I couldn't get thee exact color of cording so I decided to use two similar colors and mix them together. 

To start, decide how long you want your tassel to be. If you want it to be two inches long, cut four inches of cording, because you are going to fold it in half. Adjust the number of strings to get your preferred thickness. Lay the strings together and tie a knot around them.

Once you have tied the first knot, fold the strings together (below left) and tie another string around toward the top. (Martha Stewart has an easy tassel DIY here if you want a better demonstration). Then, using pliers, open a jewelry loop and carefully slide it through the top of your tassel.

Then close the loop around the zipper of your boot. Repeat three times until all four tassels are complete.

Once you're done it will look something like this. 

And in case you're curious. The original boots range from $600-$650. 

These boots were on sale for $63 and supplies cost $9…for a grand total of $72. They are on sale all over the web right now, so depending on your size you can get them for even less. 

Not too bad if I do say so myself.


*The lighting in my apartment is a little bizarre, so the boots appear to be two different colors based on the first picture and the last. The last picture is more true to real life which is the olive color