beach towels as bath towels

"I love to use them all year round. They're colorful and groovy and a bit unexpected. For extra insouciance, stack them on a chair—it's a nice way to layer your loo."

I want to be one of those people that can have beautiful white towels and bedding, but I'm not. Inevitably I don't take off my makeup, or my acne medicine creates bleach spots, or I try and remove a stain only to somehow make it 1,000 times worse. It drives me nuts! We have two cream towels, one green, two pink and three blue. And all of them, by the way, are slightly damaged. I mean, why? Why?!

Oh yeah, because I keep ruining them. 

Wouldn't it be nice to just have a closet full of colorful beach towels? They are the perfect size and their colorful patterns would camouflage even my most egregious domestic mis-steps.

Someone gave me a Restoration Hardware beach towel as a gift a few years ago and I have to say it is pretty dreamy….super thick and silky smooth. I also stumbled upon these gorgeous towels from Tide & Pool (pictured above) and I love their flamingo! And of course there's the man behind the brilliance, Jonathan Adler. The best thing about beach towels though is that everyone sells them. Target always has a great selection with spot-on prices and as summer rolls around you can guarantee that your favorite retailers will be debuting their own fun collections too.

Would you ever swap out your regular towels for beach towels?