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xo smash, smashing style, rag & bone jeans kensington

Rag & Bone Kensington Jeans

Kate Spade Fur Sweatshirt, Xo smash, Smashing Style

Happy Monday!

As I was writing this post I realized that everything* here was purchased on sale. I've given this advice before, but this outfit just reiterates the idea that you should keep a wish list in your head of pieces you love. Even if they are way outside of your normal price range, it's ok to take note and tuck those items away. Then, if by some chance you stumble across it at 75% off, you can take advantage of the sale without worrying you are only buying it for the price. 

For example, when I found this Proenza Schouler bag for a steal, my mom (in both skepticism and love) told me it looked like a "wilted briefcase." However, I knew it had been on my mental wish list for a long time, so I bought it anyway. And while my entire family laughed at my purchase I still love it and am so glad I listened to my gut. 

And that is the shopping/life moral of the day. 

Listen to your gut. 


*Except the jeans.