Here is a little time saving trick for you. 

Last month I was whining saying to my mom how every time I write my rent check, it becomes an ordeal. 


I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I can never remember how much I have to pay (trust me it's a really obscure number) AND I can never find my landlord's address. I end up sifting through old emails until I find both pieces of information, and what should take two minutes turns into ten. 

No more. 

My mom had the most brilliant idea...
Count out the number of envelopes you need for the rest of the year, write your landlord's address on each envelope and stamp it. That way, you'll never be stuck scrambling when it comes time to pay rent. 
I took it a step further and put a card inside reminding me how much rent is. Now each month all I will have to do is write the check. 

Small victories my friends. 

Do you have any good time saving strategies to share with the class?