jonathan adler // vice canisters

Over vacation we went to see The Wolf of Wall Street as a family. 

My advice? 

Don't go see The Wolf of Wall Street as a family.

Pour quoi pas? 

Well it starts with a lot of nudity, throws in some pretty aggressive language and tops it all off with a heavy dose of quaaludes. 

And because I am a special kind of freak, the entire time I was watching it I kept thinking, "So that's what that Jonathan Adler jar means." Because my brain is full of really useful things like the inventory of multiple stores. 

And while I wasn't quite sure what a quaalude was,  JA's vice canisters have been on my radar for years. I love their wit and think they would be a delightful way to store things.  I'm particularly fond of eyelashes, glitter and secrets (in both real life and jar form). But part of me just wants to buy quaaludes (the jar) now as a family memento.