baby shower invitation // build a library

A few months ago, I was invited to a baby shower for a friend who had moved to Texas. She was back in New York for a visit and rather than having guests bring gifts (that she would have to ship back) the invitation read...

"One small request that won't be too hard, 

please bring a book instead of a card. 

Your assigned letter is E."

So, when I was assigned to do the invitations for another friends shower (I guess I'm old enough to have two + friends with children) I wanted to steal this adorable idea. However, her shower was going to be in her home state so the wording didn't make sense. 

The challenge was to create wording that was clear and cute. My mom and I hashed it out and we finally settled on this. 

"Help Jess & Joe give their library a lift, 

please bring a book along with your gift. 

From A to Z your letter is vital, 

use it to chose a children's book title.

This way no two will be the same, 

and on the inside please write your name."

The best part? 

There was a small glitch when I placed my order, so I had to call Tiny Prints to confirm. I got a lovely older gentlemen who proof read the entire invitation for me...including the poem...

So that was awkward. 

We bought the alphabet letters at Target and my mom nicely placed them on every invitation (there were some doubles since more than 26 people were invited). I told my mom to go ahead and give me a less-sought after letter. she gave me Z. 


What the hell mom? 

Hope you enjoy this and can use it in your future baby shower adventures. 


P.S. Some fun books if you find yourself looking...