Kenneth Cole // the battle of amfar

Wednesday night I went to see a screening of the documentary The Battle of amfAR, which is now available on HBO on Demand. It's a fascinating look at how Elizabeth Taylor partnered with Dr. Mathilde Krim in the early days of AIDs to create amfAR, America's first AIDS research foundation. 

Before the screening Kenneth Cole spoke with Fern Mallis about his involvement in amfAR (he's the chairperson) and the fight against AIDS. Cole was one of the first people to speak publicly about the disease in his 1986 ad that said, "Our shoes aren't the only thing we encourage you to wear." At that point AIDs was so new, and so taboo, that even President Reagan hadn't addressed it (that would come later in 1987). 

Beyond his work with amfAR, it was fascinating to hear Cole talk about the history of his company as it related to social issues and his iconic advertisements that tackle social issues in a simple sentence (long before Twitter made it popular). 

Can you spot the historical events that go along with the ads? 

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