Ask Ashley // a clipless curling iron how-to

Holy holiday week! 

Things have been busy around here, but we are back today with a hair how-to just in time for Christmas. 

I get a lot of questions about how I do my hair, and it is so outrageously simple (and speedy!) that I figured it was time for a step-by-step tutorial. I discovered the joys of a clip-less curling iron about a year ago and as someone who never brushes blow-dries their hair it has truly changed my life. I use this Conair curling wand from Target and I love it. It heats up quickly and it's a versatile size for short or long hair. 

The Breakdown

1. Start with dry hair. I usually wash mine at night and let it dry in my sleep (aka I don't shower in the morning #confessions). Use your part to separate your hair into two sections. I try and use some sort of heat protection spray before I start, but I'm not religious about it (my poor hairdresser). 

2. Grab a section of hair by the nape of your neck (I usually try for an inch or two). Bigger sections will give you a loser curl. Smaller sections a tighter curl. Adjust accordingly. Place your curling iron behind the hair.

3. Wrap your hair around the iron and hold for anywhere from six to twelve seconds. Less time will give you a loser curl. More time will give you a tighter curl. Again, adjust accordingly. 

4. When time's up let go of the hair. You'll get a ringlet like this. 

5. Repeat moving toward the front of your hair. I usually hold the non-curled in my mouth to separate it (gross!) but I ladyliked it up for you here. 

6. When you get to the front careful! This frames your face! I usually wrap the hair farther down on the strand (closer to my eyebrow) and hold it for less time. If it's not curly enough you can always do it again. 

7. One side down. We're about six minutes in. 

8. Move onto the next side. Start in the back again. 

9. Repeat steps three through seven. 

10. When you're done curling, brush out your hair with your fingers or a brush. This makes things look more natural and less Shirley Temple. 

11. Sometimes I tease it around the crown if it's looking flat, but I didn't here. I don't use hairspray because it holds so well on it's own.

12. Tada! Twelve minutes and you're done! The best part? You can usually wear this for at least two days with a little dry shampoo.