Every year since we started dating I have made Mike an advent calendar. And somehow, every year, I have inadvisedly upped the ante. It started out with small things like gum, his favorite candy and maybe an ornament. This year however, with the help of some serious outlet sales, it has morphed into full-on presents. 

Since things were too big to put in a store-bought calendar, I had to come up with some way to create a cohesive wrapping situation. I mean, it is 24 gifts. It's basically the centerpiece of our living room for the month of December. I figured it mind as well do double-duty as holiday decorations. 

So, I decided to go completely over the top DIY some wrapping paper. I was inspired by these paper flowers and, in keeping with the holiday theme, made a poinsettia version. Here's how: 
  1. Cut petals out of red card stock, fold them in half and hole punch one end (you need six to eight per flower).
  2. Use a sharpie & a ruler to make black stripes on white card stock. Cut out a circle for the center. Hole punch it.
  3. Use a brass fastener to assemble it. Center first, then petals. 

It took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r. I swear if Mike ruins even one while opening a present he will never see another advent calendar in his life (just kidding. kind of. not really. love you babe!). 

For the actual wrapping I bought brown wrapping paper, white ink and these numbered rubber stamps. Then I used bakers twine and fancy tape to seal the packages. Let me tell you something about fancy tape. It has an inverse beauty to practicality ratio. It basically peeled off immediately after I used it. But, once I had committed to the idea, I refused to back down. So, I will be pressing red dot tape back onto packages for the entire month of December. Fun! 

In all honesty though, it is a really sweet tradition. I love giving people gifts and (like anyone) Mike loves having a present to open every day. I'm just hoping I can save these flowers and use them for the rest of our lives next year.

And don't worry, if you were inspired by this post advent doesn't start until next Sunday. You still have plenty of time to join us in this low-maintenance fun holiday tradition! 


P.S. Some super cute advent calendar ideas from Oh Happy Day.