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There is nothing like the classic white shirt. Any fashion book will tell you it's a Wardrobe Must Have (see M). However, I have always found them particularly hard to find. Whether it too boxy, too short, too sheer or too I-walk-to-work-in-a-suit-and-sneakers, I could never find one I loved. Button downs in general have always eluded me.

Then, it happened. Slow to jump on the chambray trend, I finally ducked into Madewell one day and tried on their much raved about ex-boyfriend shirt (now on sale). I have to admit it quickly became my go-to top. It's long enough that you can wear it tucked in, hanging out, or even tied in front (90s holla!) and it's denim, which means...dare I state the obvious? It's as easy to dress as your favorite pair of jeans. 

So, finally I had found a button down I loved, but alas it was not white. Well, Madewell heard my cries and rewarded me with this gorgeous white boyfriend style button down. Lose, long and perfectly undone it will be making it's way to a closet near me soon. 

And, since it's a "must have" wardrobe item, let's explore the many ways we can style it...

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