saturday smattering around here

Happy Saturday my friends! 

Did I mention I got strep throat this week? That's my way of telling you why I didn't post yesterday. Don't worry, you can't catch it by reading, or by looking at these pictures I've been meaning to share. 

Besides the strep (not photo worthy) here's a peek at what we've been up to. 

Last weekend we took a roadtrip upstate.

There were a lot of pretty leaves and scenery to enjoy.

I went to my first auction. 

And "won" this mirror. By won I mean I still had to pay for it, but I felt like a winner.

Stay tuned for my plans on what to do with it later this week.

My piggy bank is 30% off right now with the code FAF if you would like one for yourself. 

And in case you missed it, I shared a peek inside my closet on The Vault Files

Lastly, I started this morning with bourbon-laced chocolate chip banana bread.

rise & shine my friends