maternity style

maternity style on a budget

Good morning! 

Before we get started here today I need to put out a little disclaimer. I am not, and have never been pregnant. In three months you are not going to see some "reveal" post explaining how this was actually all about me. Do you hear me mom? I will be drinking wine at Thanksgiving. 

That being said, in the last few months many of my friends have announced their happy news and I, naturally, have offered to take their wine stock off their hands. In exchange, they have asked me for a little advice. Basically? What should they wear while expecting? I'm going to delve into this subject today with the omnipresent reminder that I have not actually experienced this myself. 

Let's work under these assumptions, when pregnant...

you want to look cute
you want to feel comfortable
you don't want to break the bank

Let's start with the budget. This is important for two reasons. One, you will soon have to pay for another person...and not like in a crappy date kind way, but in a feed, dress and clothe a human for 18+ years kind of way. So let's go ahead and just start saving now. Two, you probably aren't planning on this being a permanent body change. Let's assume you are only going to wear these clothes for a year or so. Therefore you do not want to spend a gazillion dollars on them. (A gazillion, by the way, is a totally normal amount of dollars to spend on non-pregnancy clothes). 

My best advice anytime you are looking at a budget is to get the most bang for your buck. Invest in basics. Think, what are those classic items that any closet needs? A white shirt, black pants, a little black dress. Then spice those up with accessories which are not size specific and can be worn pre and post baby. For example, scarves, bags and jewelry.

I have heard good things about Gap maternity dresses. Wear them with sandals or flats in warmer weather, and with tights and boots in cooler temps. If the v-neck is a problem wear a black tank underneath. Here are some more good options...

For the record, a lot of these come in adorable colors too. I'm just focusing on basics here. 

And that white Madewell shirt I'm obsessed with? It's long enough to cover your front and your back which means you can wear it with leggings. And, sweet Jesus this is the one time it is totally acceptable to wear leggings as pants in public so you should completely take advantage of it. 

You can always do the maternity denim thing if you want, but I personally find skinny jeans exhausting to put on after I've had mexican, so I can only imagine attempting that a few months into pregnancy. Plus, maternity jeans seem just as expensive as regular jeans, and post baby they aren't that useful (other than the obvious post-mexican-meal situation). 

With cooler weather upon us, the last item I have been asked about is a good coat. Well, I'll go ahead and break my budget rule here to suggest this adorable, to-die-for pea coat cape. I seriously am still considering considered ordering it for myself this fall, but I thought Mike might have a coronary if he discovered I ordered a maternity coat. That being said, you could easily wear this year after year whether or not you are with child. Here it is, plus a few less expensive options...

The last topic I want to touch on while we're here? Special events. Nobody likes dropping a bunch of money on dresses you will only wear once, and even more so when you are preggo (again, I assume). Here is my recommendation, get a loose maxi dress that you can either wear loose, or belt above the bump for the "during pregnancy" phase. Then, post-baby belt it at your natural waist and wear it again. Does this make sense? 

So guys, if you made it through this novel, congrats. What do you experienced-pregnant-ladies (I believe they call them mothers) think? How'd I do? Kind of in the ballpark or totally off base? #baseballanalogies 

Call me out in the comments. 

If you didn't find this totally ridiculous, are there any other topics you would like my style advice on? I do love sharing my opinion...