layering fur vests for fall

Calypso St. Barth vest | Gap boys jacket old love this one | Aqua shirt old similar

All of the sudden, it's fall! 

Too cold for lighter jackets. Too warm for winter coats. It's the season of layering. 

As you might remember, I had this vest on my wish list and my darling husband got it for me for my birthday. (Here's to having a blog and shamelessly producing public wish lists!) I've loved wearing it over shirts and sweaters, but this weekend's cooler weather called for stepping things up a notch. 

When I originally tried it on at Calypso, the sales lady suggested layering it over a denim jacket. I have to admit, wearing the vest over the jacket had never occurred to me. I'm not the biggest denim jacket girl (although I have held onto mine since the seventh grade) so I decided to layer it over one of my favorite army styles instead. Let me tell you something, that lady knew what she was talking about. It completely changes the look of the jacket (and the outfit) while still keeping you wildly warm. 

I suppose if I had thought this through I would have showed you how it looks under the jacket as well, but alas I did not. Lo siento. You will just have to stay tuned for that on another day!

 In the meantime, here are some more great (faux) fur vests for fall.