Currently coveting // J.Crew November Style Guide

I used to go to the gym. And by "go" I mean I would casually flip through magazines and catalogs on the treadmill while real exercisers judged me. Since I dropped my membership I rarely take the time to flip through catalogs on my own. 

However, with my recent bout of strep I took to my bed (very dramatically) and finally perused all the glossies that were stacking up in my living room. When I hit J.Crew's November Style Guide, I cashed in my 401K. I mean, not really, but I thought about it.  

Let's dissect it's greatness since for some reason Mike didn't want to do it with me.

These comfy heels pack the perfect amount of punch. 

This moto jacket is so cool it hurts (specially with these metallic pumps).

Two perfect weekend looks (above & below). 

Love a good toggle

My favorite shirts, especially this print.

And of course I am loving this navy parka and these sneakers

And this backpack. Seriously.

And how about this coat? Great oversized detailing on a shrunken silhouette. 

And while this Authier jacket is way out of my price range. I wouldn't be mad if you bought it for me.

And can we discuss Crewcuts

Like how I take just as much (if not more) style inspiration from the kids section. 

Yes I will be wearing polka dot tights this fall. 

And tulle skirts with floral sweatshirts. 

And when I'm done, I'm going to try and convince Mike to wear sneakers with hearts on them

Sound good? 


Happy Halloween my friends!