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We are testing the waters here with a little Q&A section starting with my good friend Kelly. As you can see, Kelly was looking to freshen up her fall and winter coat wardrobe. As a professional coat hoarder, I feel extra qualified to discuss this question, and I hope my answer will surprise and delight you. 

The best place to buy winter coats? Zara

Their coats are warm without making you look like a marshmallow, comfortable without looking sloppy and well-priced. And while they often feature classic cuts, they do a great job of incorporating on-trend accents like this navy and leather coat (which would be much more expensive anywhere else). The accents are important because if you live a cold climate, a lot of the time the only thing people see is your coat (walking on the street, running errands, grabbing coffee). If you still want to look stylish it's fun to have a coat that has some great accents.

And just so we're clear here. I walk the walk when it comes to Zara coats. Last year I wore their navy coat with studded sleeves every single day. Not only did I get got a million compliments every time I wore it (exact number, a million), but I also got stopped by a street style photog, and we all know that is the height of sartorial praise. 

Best of all? 

After wearing it all last year, I'm still looking forward to wearing it again this season. And you know, since you can never have too many coats. This fall I purchased this grey toggle version


I highly recommend checking Zara out if you're in the market for a new coat, and who doesn't need a cold-weather pick me up? 

So who's up next? Any burning questions? Do you like this series? 

*On a housekeeping note, I have changed the comments section around here. I love getting all of your messages, but I felt like the old system didn't let me respond to you effectively. This system should let me do that and I hope you will enjoy it too! 


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