In weddings there are all sorts of traditions. The maid of honor, the cutting of the cake, the throwing of the bouquet.

We did none of those things. 

But today, we are going to talk about the maid of honor situation. And why we opted out. 

Let's start with this, my brother is my best friend. When we were trying to murder each other as children my mom would tauntingly warn us "You better be nice to each other, you're the only siblings you will ever have." Somehow, the threat worked. We're nice to each other (he's extremely nice to me). We're friends. We're the only ones who understand what it's like to have your parents love their dog more than you (although we both ended up dating/marrying into large families...probably out of a deep-seeded fear of being siblingless).

So, when it came time to choose the wedding party I was literally appalled at the thought that he might stand on Mike's side. I mean, he's my brother (I'm not posessive at all). 

In true brotherly fashion when I proposed the idea he agreed without questioning it (to my face). And then asked my mom if he was going to have to "plan stuff." 

See, this is why a man of honor is the best idea ever. They will never disagree with you to your face. 

They are also often taller than your run of the mill Maid of Honor, so they can be used to do useful things like carry your dress. 

Or act like security when you have had enough of photos. 

And they won't tell embarrassing stories about you, because they are protective like that.

And they will totally hold of all of your stuff and act like it's normal. Because it is.

(They have had years of training). 

Now they aren't quite as self-sufficient as a Maid of Honor would be. 

And they can still end up acting like a little brother. 

But in the end, they are just as supportive. 

And wonderful. 

They may even surprise you with their brilliance. The professional looking pictures here are by our photographer, but the rest were compiled by my brother while we were on our honeymoon. He got in touch with as many people as he could from the wedding, and had them all send him their photos. He then created a Photobucket account of hundreds of photos so Mike and I had something to look at on the honeymoon. 

For those of you who have gotten married, you know how much you desprately want to see pictures right after, and this was truly one of the most amazing things anyone could have done for us. 

Duane, thank you for being an amazing brother, man of honor and friend. 

I love you.