This weekend I did more cooking than I usually do...aka I made one meal. But, it was so unbelievably delightful (if I do say so myself) that I had to share the recipes. 

First up, the dessert. Because if you only make one thing in your life, this should be it. 

Now, I must admit neither this beautiful photo, nor this delicious recipe are mine. I found them both on Ambitious Kitchen so rather than swipe the very talented Monique's recipe. I'm just going to direct you her way for...are you ready for this? 

The name says it all. 

The number of these I have eaten this week is not right. The best part? My husband heard me talking to my friends about quinoa flour, so he has some conspiracy theory that these are actually healthy cookies (they are not) and has refused to try them. Your loss my friend. 


The second thing I made was decidedly more healthy, and was a another recipe swipe. This time from my amazing sister-in-law. However, since she is not a blogger or general Internet over-sharer, I can tell you how to make these shockingly delicious sautéed brussels sprouts.*

lemon juice
olive oil
brussels sprouts

Chop the onions, brussels sprouts and garlic. Some places, like Stew Leonard's, sell the brussels sprouts all chopped up. I recommend going that route if possible. The chopping can be labor intensive, but it helps you burn off the cookie calories. 

Sauté the onions on medium heat with the olive oil. When they have cooked a bit add the garlic and lemon juice. When that has all cooked add the brussels sprouts. Cook to desired tenderness. Salt and pepper as desired. 

You can follow more of my favorite recipes and inspiration here. Happy cooking!


*On a side note, I had no idea brussels had an 's' at the end.