chloe marcie bag, belle by sigerson morrison booties

I am such a dress person. It's hard not to be when they are easier to throw on than jeans (no figuring out what top to wear) and magically they make you look more put together than if you had spent hours agonizing over a two piece outfit. 

I'm especially into shirt dresses like this one from the Gap. With a strategically placed belt they look great no matter what your shape. And here is a trick I want to teach you about belts...

If you have a belt that you normally wear with pants, it's probably too big to wear at your waist. However, if you tie the belt into one or two knots (see below) it can do double duty as a smaller size. Tie the knots in the back or front depending on the look. 

Another secret? Zara kids has great belts if you need smaller size options. 


gap camo dress

black and blue, camo dress, belle by sigerson morrison booties