My birthday is next week (hooray!). 

Without being too corny, I have to say that I already have everything I need (and most of the things I want). But, if you insist, there are a few things I have been lusting after. 
  • My french is outrageously rusty (as I painfully learned on our trip to Quebec). I would love to brush up with these classes at the FIAF
  • This fur vest has the perfect drape and weight. I know I would wear it forever in a myriad of ways.
  • Fun fact? I secretly wish I made furniture (in a totally non-hipster way). There is something so satisfying about creating things from scratch and I love the thought and attention that goes into the process. 3rd Ward is about the coolest place on earth, and I'm dying to take their intro to woodworking class, as well as their class on how to make a chair. (I also want to learn how to sew. Basically if I could take crafty classes all day long I would be happy). 

And in other news. Tomorrow's post will not be solely about me. 


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