If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this week I received my new planner from Plum Paper. Now I like to feel like I'm pretty easy going, but the reality is I am completely OCD when it comes to things like my planner. I have searched for the perfect one for years and ogled beautiful leather versions like this Smythson, but the layout is so wrong for my brain that it actually pains me. The truth is, a planner is 100 percent about practicality. So while I love a classic leather journal, it wasn't going to work in my daily life. I searched and searched for something that would fulfill my must haves....

the requirements
aesthetically pleasing (obviously)
weekly layout horizontally from left to right (because that is how my brain functions)
ability to fold over onto itself
not too big
not too small 
ability to monogram (because I have a hard time telling the difference between need and want)

Then I stumbled upon Plum Paper. Not only did their planners fulfill all of my requirements, but they had some brilliant ideas I had never considered. For example, you can customize your planner to start on any month and add additional months as needed (I opted for September 2013-December 2014). You can also decide how you want the day divided (hour, morning/noon/night or blank). 

In addition, each month has a divider, two pages of notes, a monthly spread and weekly layouts. It includes all of the standard yearly views, important dates, contact pages, AND it has a pocket in the back for storing any bits of inspiration or importance. And we all know everything from dresses to bags are better with pockets. 

They also have the most adorable covers, which of course I agonized over for hours. Because when I die my planner cover will surely be inscribed on my tombstone.

But honestly, the best part is that they are really reasonably priced and produced right here in the USofA by a lady entrepreneur. And you know I love me some lady entrepreneurs. Right now she is expecting a baby and only accepting a limited number of orders each day. So, you'll have to log in early but you can order yours here. Let me know if you do! 


*This is NOT a sponsored post. I just have an irrational (but actually totally rational) love for my planner.