When we were planning the wedding I didn't care about a lot of things. I had three simple requests.

A band.
An open bar. 
A photobooth. 

Those sounded like the three best ways to ensure that everyone had a good time. My mom (aka the wedding planner) will never admit it, but she definitely thought the photo booth was, how shall we say it, unnecessary? But! I was not to be deterred. I passively emailed her different photo booth companies until she finally broke down and tried to pass me off on our photographer Jacob* who she loves even more than I do (if that's even possible). 

"I don't want to step on his toes," she said. 

"I hope he says it's a dumb idea," is what she meant. 

Lucky for me, Jacob saw the light (as I knew he would because we are best friends). In fact, he had his own photo booth company Oh Snap Smile. When Jacob informed her of this, all of the sudden she thought it was a delightful idea. (That is a total exaggeration. She liked the idea, but her deep love of Jacob was definitely what made it a reality).

Oh Snap Smile is not a traditional photo booth. It is a stand-alone box like this...

photo booth review

...which allows as many people as possible to fit in the shot. And believe me. They did. 

It is also very reasonably priced compared to other companies, and it provides this crazy flattering light that made everyone look amazing. There is no limit on the number of photos you can take each night, and unbeknownst to the guests, we received a copy of every single photo afterwards. (You can imagine the look on some people's faces when I informed them of that fact). 

If you're planning any sort of event in the next few months, years, centuries, I cannot recommend Oh Snap Smile enough. They come to your location and set it up. They have an operator there (but not hovering) if you need help (you won't). And you will literally die of laughter when you get the pictures. It's so fun going over to my friend's houses now and seeing their photo strips up on their fridge. The best part has to be seeing the people that you didn't think would use it, and the general progression of photos as the night (and the booze) went on. 

If it wasn't for the open bar situation, I would absolutely post every single picture. However, I understand that not everyone at the wedding signed an I-can-put-drunken-photos-of-you-on-the-blog waiver. So I will show a smidgen of self-control and be thankful that somehow there was one (very flattering) photo of just me to share. 

The moral here is that I want to have Oh Snap Smile at every party I host for the rest of my life. Actually, I just want one installed in my apartment. You hear that Jake? My birthday is in a month. 


P.S. We didn't use props. I think they are so fun, but I didn't see anything that jumped out at me so we went without. People still went nuts for it. 

*More on Jacob in the coming weeks.