Wedding Wednesday: The Gift Bags *a day late*

Oh hey! Remember that time I said we were going to have Wedding Wednesdays and then I skipped the second Wednesday? Oops!

I promise to be more on top of things next time.

You see, I wasn't sure if I wanted to try and do things in some sort of logical order (stationary, photographer, band, hair, makeup, cake) or just skip around. And since my complete set of stationary is currently in Michigan, we are going to skip around.

When we were planning our wedding, I only had a few things I was very interested in doing and one of those things was the gift bags. Now, I get that some weddings have become a bit of a circus, and there is literally no need to provide guests with a gift bag at the hotel, but I felt strongly about doing it for a few reasons.
1. A large portion of our guests were from out of town, and therefore were staying at the hotel. Nothing is worse than being in a hotel and being hungry (or in need of a beer). I wanted to make sure that we provided them with the basics while they were there (water, snacks, cookies, booze and the necessary post booze Motrin).  
2. I grew up in Michigan and since we weren't having the wedding there, I still wanted to support the economy (RIP Detroit) and share my homestate pride as much as possible.  
3. While we were planning we tried to think about everything from our guests perspective and as a guest at other weddings I knew I liked having a little bag with helpful information and goodies to start off the weekend. 
So. Let's start with the bag itself. This was probably my most hands-on thing that I did during the entire process, and I highly recommend nobody else do the same.

You see, we decided to fill the bag with things from Michigan and New York (because that is where we each grew up). And that gave me such a cute idea! I would turn the heart in the I love New York logo into the state of Michigan. No. Big. Deal.

I know people turn states into letters and things all the time, so I'm not claiming this was that original. I'm just saying, that my excitement for the idea took over.

So, last summer (aka a full year before wedding time) I enrolled in a screen printing class at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. On the first day I showed up and most people were there with a few t-shirts or dishtowels for their small business. Me? I was there with 100 white bags. 100! I am SO mortified even thinking about it. WHY WHY WHY did I think that was ok?

Anyway, the class ended up being great. It was two days and on the first day the instructor took your image and helped you make the screen. On the second day we started to print. *Shockingly* there was no way I was going to be able to do all 100, BECAUSE IT WAS NOT MY OWN PERSONAL SHOP. Again. I am so mortified I'm even admitting this. So, I did as many as I could and hauled the bags back home to finish. However, since it is a somewhat messy (but mostly space demanding) project I couldn't finish it in my apartment. So, I shipped the bags, and the screen, and the ink, to Michigan where my saint of a mother and I finished them this March (you know, eight months later).

At one point during the project, this was our basement.

And that was only a small portion of the mess.

This is what it looks like when your dog jumps on those bags while they are still wet.

Only funny because I caught her before she jumped back onto the white carpet.

Between the price of the bags, and the class, and the shipping to and from Michigan, I'm going to go ahead guess this was a net-loss (sorry Dad). If you are getting married, you should probably just order some bags from online.

However, I think they were a big hit with the guests. Proof? Instagrams from happy customers:

So by now you must be wondering, what was in these magical bags???

Well let me tell you...

  • Oberon, which is a Michigan summer beer. And since Oberon is best enjoyed with an orange, we included one of those. As well as a knife and coaster* because we are not heathens. 
  • In addition? A lovely monogrammed bottle opener  that said "drink and be married MM + AA"(I actually feel like a psycho writing this) because how are you supposed to open your beer without one? (And since monogrammed bottle openers are only sold in sets of 500, I have a few 100 lying around my apartment right now if anyone is in the market). 
  • We also included two bottles of water...
  • ...and Motrin for post-party recovery. The lesson I learned here? We should have included a lot more Motrin. I may or may not have heard some real arguments about who got the precious Motrin on Sunday morning. #successfulwedding
  • American Gourmet Buttered Pretzels from Michigan, because they are delightful and beer tastes better with a salty snack. 
  • But in case you wanted a sweet treat, we also included these to.die.for chocolate chip cookies from the same bakery that made our cake (stay tuned for more on that). 
  • And my mom added York Peppermint Patties because she is Irish and has a perpetual fear that  there won't be enough food. Fear not. You will not starve. There are chocolates. 
  • Lastly, we added an insert that explained what everything was (for you non-Oberon drinkers). It also provided guests with details about transportation, events and helpful phone numbers (our siblings) if they needed anything. 
So, now that I have successfully destroyed any image I had portrayed of myself as a hands-off low-key bride. I am going to sign off. If you any questions about any of this feel free to email me. I will try and respond in less than 3,000 words. 


*The coaster will appear again in our stationary portion of the show.