Wedding Wednesday: The Dress

This is what I wore to my wedding.

Just kidding. 

This was my mom's dress and I genuinely thought I wanted to wear it. Until I tried it on. I wish I could do justice to how beautiful it looked on her, but I don't have this photos. Clearly this was not the sisterhood of the traveling wedding dress. However this was the first dress I tried on. So we were off to a solid start. 

As a die-hard J.Crew fan, I made it our first stop. I had always loved their wedding selection, but sadly the results there were beyond underwhelming.

Looking back at them they weren't really that bad, but trust me. They were not good in person.

Our second stop was David's Bridal, where the sales people were beyond friendly and incredibly helpful. As a devotee of Target and all designer collaborations, I was dying to seee Vera Wang's collection for David's Bridal. I tried on almost all of her dresses and I loved every. single. one.

Looking at this right now I still love them. Maybe I made a mistake. Maybe we need to have a wedding every year so I can wear each one. 

I digress.

After trying on the ones I had pre-selected, the sales clerk suggested one more that she thought would look good. It has a "corset" top she said. All I could think of were those weirdo see through ones that they always show on Say Yes to the Dress. Does anyone else think it seems inappropriate to wear a see through corset in virgin white? I mean pick a side people. 

Anyway, the dress was not see through. It was this guy.

I'm sure you can tell by the look on my face that I had fallen hard. But it was literally our first day of looking and I couldn't pull the trigger.

As I shared the photos with my bridesmaids and brothers, everyone had a different vote. "The one shoulder!" "The bedazzled!" "The ballgown!" But the next day all I could think about was the ballgown. My mom was leaving town the following morning and I was determined to go back and get it.

She however, was not so sure about the top. The one I had tried on was champagne, which I absolutely loved, but my mom thought it would be "more bridal" in white.

I guess brides wear white. 

We went back to David's Bridal where I was able to try on the dress in white.


That would be me in all my post-workout clothes glory. 

We cancelled the rest of our appointments and we bought the dress.

Then, a few months later, I decided I hated the dress. Hated. I was afraid it was going to be too hot. I was afraid it was going to be uncomfortable. I was afraid I was going to be immobile and miserable. I was convinced that this dress was going to ruin my wedding day. In the most incredible defense since OJ my mother somehow convinced that this wasn't the case.

And she was right.  

Perfectly mobile. 


*The last image is from our amazing photographer Jacob Pritchard. More on him in the coming weeks.