Skorts: The Mullet of the Wardrobe

xo smash, smashing style

red zara skort

red zara skort, xo smash, smashing style smashing style

JOIE shirt | ZARA skort | ZARA shoes old similar | GOYARD tote

I love a good skirt but you have to admit, some skirts ride the line between cute-short and I-can't-function-as-a-human-in-this-short. 

Enter, the skort. 

Oh yes, that fourth grade staple is back. It's the mullet of the closet: skirt in the front, shorts in the back. And let me tell you, it's pretty great. Perfect for those moments where you want to go for the skirt but you need a safer option. 

For example, I wore mine to the bar last weekend in New Jersey, where seasons of Jersey Shore had taught me that a skirt could be a deadly option. I was comfortable and free to dance without fear. 

My only complaint is that this version from Zara actually has shorts in the back (aka they aren't hidden by a faux-skirt). And no, I will not show you because I do not need photos of that floating around. BUT I do think this skirt would be even better if it had a faux-skirt back. You hear me Zara? 

So, have you dabbled in the world of skorts (since the 90s)?