On practice

The other day my dad I were talking about my little brother who is in medical school. My dad, who is also a physician, was saying how the things my brother learns right now will be so vital during his career. It's not just calculus class that you'll never use. Someday, the skill he's learning right this second, will save someone's life. 

And then my dad told me about this video.

I wanted to share it with you, because sometimes we (myself included) all need to be reminded of the bigger picture. It's easy to forget that each part of your life is preparing you in some way for the next. Life, if we're lucky, is a long road. Each experience and each relationship we have shapes us for what will come.

Maybe you're not be a surgeon. And maybe you will never need to tie knots to save someone's life. But it's inspiring to remember that no matter what you're doing right now, it could someday become a part of something so much bigger.