on less

Between 2005 and today, I have moved 18 times. 

That is not a typo. 

18 moves.

That's more than two moves a year. When you think about college, internships and the New York City real estate market, it almost makes sense. Almost.

Shockingly, I haven't moved in over a year now, but I am starting to get the itch. Not the itch to move (despite my eternal love for Streeteasy), but the itch to edit. I love the feeling of sorting through things, getting rid of what you don't need, and returning to the basics. I have talked about this before with my wardrobe, but it really translates to all aspects of life. 

I mean, doesn't that room look peaceful? 

I'm a messy person by nature. An accumulator. A collector. I can't help it. I just love stuff! But like all vices it catches up with me. I start to feel like my environment is more of a burden than an oasis and I know it's time.

So, for the next month I am making a commitment. No shopping. No buying random things for my apartment. No extra clothes. No shoes. I don't need anything (and for that I am truly grateful). 

But not only am I not going to buy, I'm going to purge. I will get rid of the books that are here only to make me feel guilty for not reading them. The dresses that were so great...three years ago. And that art that just didn't work. 

I'll donate things. I'll sell things. I'll trash things. And I'm telling you because this makes me accountable. It makes it official and hopefully it will inspire those of you who need to do the same. 

So Mike, get excited. No more shopping. 

For a month. 

Not forever.

Don't get that excited.