Living Room Inspiration

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When we found our apartment, it was staged to sell. The owner wanted to rent it with the staged furniture and since neither of us were particularly attached to our post-college/thrift-store/bargain-basement pieces we agreed. We sold what we had and moved in. Unfortunately, we have to move next spring (woo hoo for co-op board rules!). So, I have a confession. Even though it's almost a year away, I spend a inordinate amount of time (aka hours daily) considering how we want to decorate our next place.

Because we will need to buy a lot when we move (bed, couch, table, chairs) I have tried to be mindful of A. not investing too much in this apartment and B. figuring out ways to use what we already own in a new space. We currently have the white end tables pictured above which I love (from sold out) and this coffee table which I also love. Right now, these pillows are on our bed, but I would love to move them into a living room and get some more "adult" bedding.

We don't own those clear nesting tables, but I think they would be a good investment. They are unobtrusive in a small apartment and they can easily be moved around to create extra surfaces during parties.

In terms of a couch, I have a deep love for navy velvet sectionals. Does that seem random? They're large, comfortable and dare I

Plus, I have been crushing on Bailey's for years.

They are perfect for lounging around and watching sports movies, as well as entertaining...two things we do a lot of.

Here are a few other good ones. Not a sectional but I still love it...

....and the blue velvet sectional to be all blue velvet sectionals.

What shall we put with our swanky sectional? Well, I am obsessed with these Furbish chairs. I love the shape and the fabric. It walks the line between funky and classic, and it would look great paired with those tie dye lumbar pillows. 

Lastly, I think any living space could benefit from my new love: The Fiddle Fig. What is a Fiddle Fig you ask? It's a large house-friendly plant that adds a whole lotta dimension and nature to your space.

They aren't exactly small, so we would have to make sure we have space. If we could make it work though, they are definitely awesome. Plus, I just learned an amazing trick for taking care of them. Place the plant on a lazy susan inside it's decorative container. This way, you can rotate it to make sure each side gets adequate sunlight. Genius!

So whatcha think? Love it? Hate it? Does furniture consume as many hours of your thoughts? Is there a support group for people like me?