back to school: bags

Oh yes, back to school. The time of year when college kids around the globe start stuffing their lives in a bag. A laptop here, a water bottle there (tightly sealed mind you, that's a lethal combination), a snack, a phone, gym shoes, gym clothes, a notepad, some pens, gum and maybe, if there's space, a book. If kids even use those these days. 

Yes, back to school is a time for schlepping. And it's not just the kids. It's the teachers. The moms. The dads. The babysitters. Everybody schleps. Now, this shouldn't really be a newsflash to anyone, but when it comes to hauling stuff around I swear by the L.L. Bean Boat and Tote bags. I personally love the large open top version with long handles (although the zip top is even more practical). And of course, I love the camo version (which you can get monogrammed in fun colors by calling L.L. Bean when you place your order). 

They are classic, reliable, sturdy and affordable (all under $50). Which means you have more money for beer.