Aquaphor lip repair + protect

So here is the deal. Sometimes companies reach out to me to review or endorse products. I assume this is only after Beyonce said no. Still, I am aware that even Beyonce can overlook things. So, when I find a product that I'm pretty sure B and her team just missed....that I also truly, honestly love....I agree. 

When Aquaphor reached out to me to talk about their new Lip Repair + PROTECT SPF 30 I knew it was an endorsement I could get behind.

I have always been a proponent of a low-maintenance beauty routine. A little sunscreen here, some concealer when necessary and of course mascara. Always mascara. However, one thing I have really neglected is a lip-gloss with SPF. Of course, any dermatologist will tell you the number one thing you can do for your skin is protect it. But I had never found one that didn't leave me looking like a white-lipped-zinc-oxide-wearing-life-guard-wannabe...until now.

I have been wearing it constantly for a few weeks now, and I am in love. As you can see from the photo, it's creamy and glossy without the dreaded sticky factor. 

It protects. It serves. It's the LAPD of lip gloss. 

Best of all? It's under five dollars and available in any drug store. I highly recommend picking it up on your next ice cream run. That is what the drug store is for right? 


This post was sponsored by Aquaphor. I get offers to talk about lots of products, but I only feature the ones I genuinely believe in. Thank you for supporting the brands that make XO Smash possible.