Wedding Wednesday: The Magic Maker

I would like to tell you all a little bit about our wedding (on Wedding Wednesdays, because I like alliteration).

However, I would be horribly remiss if I didn't start with the biggest, most heartfelt thank you to my mother. If you were around me at all before my wedding you already know how little I did to plan it (or perhaps you can tell by the general lack of wedding posts pre-wedding). It wasn't that I wasn't excited about the wedding, because I was. I just felt that we had two things coming up, a wedding and a marriage, and the later was much more important. The party? That was nice, but it was just one day.

But my mother? While she was certainly helping me prepare for my marriage, she was also the magic maker, making sure that every detail of the wedding was under control. She had the binder. She had the vendors. She had the timetables and the spreadsheets. She knew every detail of the wedding, every plus one, every hotel room, inside and out. She could literally tell you at any given moment exactly how many people had RSVPd yes or no, and exactly who hadn't responded (#blacklist). And you know what? Never once did she become a momzilla. Ever. I swear on my life. For 18 months she blew my mind, planning the entire weekend from across the country. Frankly, my biggest concern during the whole process was that she had somehow missed her life's calling: to be the world's best wedding planner. I mean seriously people, you should be so lucky.

Yes, I would like to share the details of our wedding, but please know that as I talk about this none of it could have happened without this amazing lady. We don't say thank you enough to the people in our lives who make the biggest difference, and my mom is one of them. Not only is she one of my best friends, but she is also one of my biggest inspirations. Every time I tackle a task, be it a new job or a new recipe, I think about how she would do it (inevitably better), but rather than that being a burden, it's a light, a goal, and something to strive towards*.

Mom, you are the most amazing woman. I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me leading up to this point in my life, and for all that you did over the last few years. You are the best. And you probably should have been a wedding planner.

I love you.  

That's all I'm going to say about the wedding for today. I will officially start the series next week. The lady deserved her day.

*I almost ended that sentence in for, but I didn't because my mom taught me that was a proposition. And she doesn't care for that. She also will change "a lot" to "a great deal" when she edits your papers.