The Weekend: Fire Island

This weekend we went to Fire Island with a few of our friends. In my continued effort to use my camera more, here are a few pictures. 

Fire Island is broken up into several different parts. We went to Davis Park which was shockingly rustic for being just a few hours from Manhattan. There is one restaurant/bar and one restaurant/store. That should give you an idea of what we were working with. You get there by ferry and once you arrive there are no cars. Everything is within a short walking distance on these quaint boardwalks. 

Within minutes of stepping off the boat, we were greeted by Bambi. You can see how close he was because the boardwalk is in the bottom left corner of the picture. He was eating Doritos. Naturally. 

We took some strolls (see boardwalks) and explored the island. Mike pondered why there were so many deer of varying friendliness. That one? Not as friendly. 

There were some really cool houses, but I feel like a creep posting pictures of other people's homes. Here is a half-creep pic. 

And there were a lot of boats. #leduh

And sand. Neither Mike nor I are giant fans of sand (gasp, disapproval, dismay) and since the British Open was on we spent a lot of Saturday right here. 


We left early Sunday so we could come home and celebrate his adorable little sister's birthday (that makes her sound nine...she is 19) at a restaurant/bar. The world isn't as different as it seems.