snail mail style

If you have been around me in the last few weeks, you know that I am in the midst of writing wedding thank you notes. If I wrote them as often as I talked about writing them, I would probably be done, but that is neither here nor there.

What I would like to do today is offer a piece of advice to all you future brides. Are you ready? Get thank you notes with printed return addresses, or get yourself an address stamp or sticker. In fact, this would be a wonderful gift for a new bride. It certainly would have saved me a lot of time this week (maybe I would even be done! just kidding, there is no way I can blame that on the stamp).

Here are a few adorable options. 

The above stamp is by Lindsay Letters. I have blogged about it before because we ordered one to use on our save the dates. However, they were sent from my parents' house which is why I don't have one. This custom stamp is now only available in July so if you like it snatch one up today!

These designs are by Three Designing Women. You can get them as self-inking stamps (so convenient), embossers or foil seals.  They have a variety of fun designs and they are available at a plethora of online retailers.

I have always been a big fan of iomoi. Their custom return address labels carry many of the same cute and quirky prints as their distinctive stationary and bags. While they are a little pricier, they certainly add a lot of pizzazz to any envelope.

Which ones would you choose?